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Who Doesn't Love Breaking Records?

What is happening at Conuma Resources Limited? These are exciting times all around for our business as we focus on ramping our production post-COVID, and our mining operations continue to excel.

We have seen production record after production record fall, and this is only spurring our incredible operations teams to achieve further heights. Last week, our Brule team set a new 24-hour record for mining and hauling its steelmaking coal at a lofty 34,266 tonnes. This record followed the 24-hour overburden mined record they set on January 15, at 130,414 bcm. While daily records tell a story, monthly records take us to new thresholds. In this regard, Brule set a monthly production record of 2.27 million bcm of overburden mined in December. The Brule team is planning on this record not standing for too long.

Brule’s General Manager, Mike Chodyka, said, “I am so proud of our team here at Brule. It’s not for me to single out any individuals because this truly is the result of a closely-knit team working together and spurring each other on to greater heights. It proves once again that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

Not to be done, our Wolverine operation set several records in December, exceeding 100,000 bcm of overburden mined three days in a row, with a record of 120,418 bcm achieved on December 17. The Wolverine Mine General Manager, Dudley Miller, and Mine Manager, Trevor Corsi, had laid down the challenge by committing to fully shaved heads, beard and all, should the Wolverine team break the record which they duly did. Dudley Miller said, “This is a great example of teamwork and delivering the plan safely, and I am very proud to be part of such a resilient team.”

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