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Over the last five years, I have worked hard to transform myself, in many facets of my life. I share some of that journey on this website, hoping it will help readers in their own unique settings. 

With 35 years of senior finance and commercial experience across three different continents, I was recently a Chief Financial Officer of a 1,000-strong company and now operate as its Chief Sustainability Officer. 


Self-learning has become the most powerful way to transform ourselves. There has never been a time in history when the opportunity to train and develop ourselves has been easier or cheaper. We can feast on the technology-enabled abundance of education, edification, and encouragement that is available right now for free or close to nothing.


I have developed a powerful seven-week personal finance and a four-week investing program together called Making Money Work. Those who attend the course will find it very helpful, whether that be in budgeting, reducing bad debt, or investing for life. The course is as beneficial for students as it is for working people of all ages.

I am also building material for personal development and mentoring, aimed at leaders in business to help them personally and professionally reach their full potential.

Finally, I am always looking for feedback and ideas. Do you have specific needs in the areas of personal finance and self-development? If so, please let me know - get in touch with me and I will do my best to help.

Hugh Kendrick

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