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Seven-Bullet Monday - December 11, 2023

Here is your Seven-Bullet Monday


1.       A quote I am pondering:

“Be a positive energy trampoline – absorb what you need and rebound more back.” - Dave Carolan​​

Being a positive energy trampoline means taking in good energy and bouncing even more back into those around you. Positive energy is demonstrated in a can-do attitude and by motivating those around us. After all, who doesn’t like to hang around with people who encourage and challenge us?

On a lighter note, too much positivity bounce can be problematic, as evidenced by a kangaroo trying to jump off a trampoline. Check it out on the link below – it always makes me smile when I watch it.


2.       A question I am asking myself:

How do I savour little daily wins and not wait for big-ticket items?

One of the takeaways from the brilliant book, Atomic Habits by James Clear, is to work on and enjoy little wins - the 1% improvements as he calls them. Enjoying these little wins and being grateful for small moments of pleasure each day keeps my happiness levels stable and high, so I am not just waiting for a big-ticket item to feel great about my life.


3.       A book I am reading:

How Big Things Get Done: The Surprising Factors That Determine the Fate of Every Project, from Home Renovations to Space Exploration and Everything In Between - Bent Flyvbjerg and Dan Gardener

This book is a useful guide to completing large-scale projects, from home renovations to huge undertakings like the Empire State Building. You will read how most big projects fail due to poor planning and decision-making. I found the contrasts between well-run and poorly-run projects quite an eye-opener, especially the amount of money spent and the time taken to complete the projects. The book offers practical advice like understanding the odds of success, planning thoroughly but acting quickly, building from small components, nurturing teamwork, and managing unforeseen challenges.


4.       What I learnt this week

How sugar is worse for your brain than your body 

Most people think of high sugar consumption as being bad for their bodies. Far fewer people know that it’s bad, really bad, for their brains too. Recent studies have shown that excess sugar can impair memory and disrupt brain functions through addiction brought on by the brain's dopamine levels. Excessive sugar intake can also lead to brain stress and inflammation, increasing the risk of diseases like Alzheimer's. And finally, sugar intake can cause mood swings -  with rapid spikes and drops in blood sugar levels resulting in feelings of irritability, anxiety, and fatigue.


5.       My highlight this week

I had a couple of highlights this week:


a.          Wrapping up my Making Money Work personal finance coaching with Chetwynd Secondary School students


I completed the seventh session with the Grade 12 students this week, and it was great to be able to do it in person. The students were very engaged, seemingly genuinely excited to have me there in person rather than on a screen. They also gave me one of the hockey team shirts as a thank-you for running the course. It was particularly rewarding to see how so many got into the investing game, learning so much along the way. Thank you, @DanTkach, for making such an awesome and educational investing game!



b.          Attending the NEBC Christmas parties in Tumbler Ridge and Chetwynd


Conuma holds six Christmas parties yearly up in NEBC, two in each town for employees and their significant others and two for employees’ children. We attended two employees’ and one children’s party, with a combined attendance of over 650 people. It was fantastic to see the Conuma team, their significant others and their kids having such a great time. The Cease & Desist band got people on the dance floor, delicious food was served by local vendors, there were wonderful door prizes, and superb organisation throughout.


6.       Hugh-tips

After a strong run on your investment/s, think about taking some profit off the table


The markets have surged over the last six weeks, bringing Christmas cheer to investors. When you experience a very strong run in your stocks, consider taking some of the profits off the table by selling a portion of those shares. That way, you realize some of the gains but also retain some of that stock to be able to participate in further gains should they happen. In addition, selling some of your profitable investments reduces exposure to potential future market downturns. This helps you rebalance your portfolio by selling high and preventing any one particular stock from being too heavily weighted in your portfolio.



Have an awesome week



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