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Tumbler Ridge and Chetwynd Secondary School Students Complete the Making Money Work Class of 2023

Tumbler Ridge Secondary School and Chetwynd Secondary School students recently finished the five-week Making Money Work course facilitated by Conuma Resources. Making Money Work is a foundational personal finance course which includes such essential topics as living within your means, budgeting, wealth accumulation, various avenues and methods of investing, taxation, insurance and retirement.

Over 20 students in grades 11 and 12 participated enthusiastically in the course, watching the training videos and asking me great questions in the weekly live sessions. At the two course graduations last week, I gave each student pictograms from each lesson, to be used as course refreshers, and personal finance books to continue learning.

It was rewarding to help better equip these young people with different tools to achieve financial success as they prepare to enter the workforce. It was also great to add Chetwynd School to the mix this year, and I look forward to including more NEBC schools for the next school year.

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