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Seven-Bullet Monday - November 13, 2023

Here is your Seven-Bullet Monday


1.       A quote I am pondering:

"To stay ahead, you must have your next idea waiting in the wings." - Rosabeth Moss Kanter

To be a good leader, you must be one step ahead of your team and the competition. So, it's essential to keep finding and developing that next thing so that when the time is right, you can reveal it to surprise and challenge those around you. 


2.       A question I am asking myself:

What can I emulate in the people I most admire?

For some people I look up to, I've been asking myself what they do or don't do that creates those qualities I aspire to. Then, the second question is how do I emulate those behaviours to improve my count on the scores that matter?


3.       A book I am reading:

"How to Raise the Perfect Dog" and "Be the Pack Leader" by Cesar Milan 

With our Labradoodle puppy, Ronan, nicely settled into our home, we are responsible for raising him to be a wonderful dog. Leanne has lots of experience raising dogs, but not me, so I am learning on the fly from Leanne and these books. As Cesar Milan says, 99% of dog problems stem from their human owners, not the dogs themselves. So, if I can practice calm, assertive authority, be patient (not my strongest suit) and give Ronan what he needs as a growing dog, he will be fine.


4.       What I learnt this week

The challenges with electrifying BC ferries

When it comes to electrifying ships, electric motors are the easy part. The problem is energy storage and refuelling. BC Ferries already operates a few small hybrid ferries and plans to introduce some small fully electric ferries to its fleet by 2030. One formidable challenge is getting enough charging capacity at the terminals to charge the batteries quickly when the ferry is offloading and loading. This means short bursts of very high power, less than ideal for the BC Hydro grid, which wants to avoid significant power spikes. These technical challenges can be solved, but it will take some intelligent solutions to make it happen.


5.       My highlight this week

Attending the BC Hydro Industrial Energy Managers' Roundtable

I attended my first BC Hydro Industrial Energy Manager's Roundtable this week. It's a six-monthly affair where BC Hydro gathers industrial energy managers across the province to provide updates on the BC Hydro front and for select energy managers to share some of their innovative work in their businesses. It's an excellent opportunity to network in the energy space and ensure that Conuma is engaged on the many fronts of energy savings, funding and tariff optimisation.


6.       Hugh-bits

Use the Ladder of Inference to reduce the chances of jumping to conclusions.

The Ladder of Inference is a valuable model describing how individuals form and act on their beliefs. It begins with observing a situation and selecting specific data from those observations. From this data, individuals add their interpretations based on past experiences and beliefs, leading to assumptions. These assumptions influence the conclusions they draw, the opinions they form, and, subsequently, the actions they take. So, instead of jumping to conclusions, we must first examine our thought processes to ensure we have a balanced view, and from there, we can take action.


7.       Your challenge this week

Use the look-back method to look forward

Looking back ten years, you can probably identify some blind spots or incorrect beliefs you held then. Now, if you imagine yourself doing the same exercise ten years in the future, what are likely to be your current blind spots? Are these things you willfully ignore or don't want to think about? What should you do about them, and what habits or processes can you implement to prevent them hindering you?


 Have a great week.


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