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Seven-Bullet Monday - July 4, 2022

Here is your first Seven-Bullet Monday for the second half of 2022 😊

1. A quote I am pondering:

"A person only hears what he understands."- Goethe

When teaching or explaining something, our focus should be on ensuring our audience truly understands what we are saying, not us sounding knowledgeable or eloquent.

2. A question I am asking myself:

How do I build more consistency with my good and not-so-consistent habits?

Too often, I get to the end of the week, and I chastise myself for dropping good habits like stretching, core work, reading notes etc. I need a more robust reminder system that gets those good habits working like clockwork.

3. A book I am reading:

Soul in the Game: The Art of a Meaningful Life – Vitaliy Katsenelson

This very personal book, Soul in the Game, comes to us from one of the smartest and highly respected value investors, Vitaliy Katsenelson. It is part autobiography, and part philosophy as Vitaliy makes as much family time as possible while keeping up his reputation as the Warren Buffett heir-apparent. It is full of great stories and lessons which draw on classical composers, ancient Stoics, and contemporary thinkers.

4. My favourite podcast this week:

The Journal – One Town's Fight Against 'Forever' Chemicals

In this podcast, the community of Peshtigo, Wisconsin, is fighting an industrial company that contaminated their groundwater by allowing PFAS chemicals to seep into the soil around its plant. The company has taken responsibility and remedial action for contaminating some adjacent water wells but is refuting responsibility for the wider contamination community members claim. It is interesting to see how grey areas receive different interpretations, with the community claiming it is this specific company and the company, in turn, claiming it isn't the only one polluting groundwater.

5. Hugh-Tips

Lessons from Charlie (Part VI)

Charlie Munger's quote this week: "It's bad to have an opinion you're proud of if you can't state the arguments for the other side better than your opponents."

Thinking and arguing from opposite positions is a handy skill in investing and life. When investing, it is essential to check any biases (e.g. recency, sector, herd, trend, confirmation) you may have regarding a trade because these can lead to investing mistakes. If you feel very strongly for or against a particular stock, challenge yourself by arguing for the opposite decision before deciding to buy or sell. This internal debate will help you make a more considered choice before you hit the trade button.

6. My highlight this last week

Attending our "Heart of Steel - Earning the Right to Run" Senior Leadership program as a sponsor

Sixteen of our senior leaders spent three days in Grande Prairie this week for the first set of away days for the nine-month program. This program primarily focuses on our Directors and VPs, with our senior executive team involved in the program's delivery. It was exciting to see 16 business-transformational projects launched during the week, together with life-changing personal leadership journeys for each participant.

7. My challenge to you for this week

Remember to let your hair down here and there 😊

After a very wet and cold spring in Canada, summer is finally here with some long-awaited warmth. With summer comes the sun, so the follically challenged like I need to be particularly careful of those rays. Rather than wearing a cap, Leanne suggested I borrow some of her hair, at least for a couple of photos, as she sat behind me.

Which is your favourite, or maybe your least-worst photo 😉

1. The good old mullet

2. The flowing locks

3. The semi-dignified look

4. Stick with the three actual hairs I have on my head

Have a fun-filled week

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