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Seven-Bullet Monday - January 2, 2023

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

Happy New Year

For this week's episode, I thought I would quickly recap my top quotes, questions and books from 2022, as well as my biggest highlights from the year.

1. My best quotes of the year:

"You never feel ready to do the important things you are meant to do." - Marie Forleo

"You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems." - James Clear

'Do the hard jobs first. The easy jobs will take care of themselves." – Dale Carnegie

"The key to successful leadership is influence, not authority." – Ken Blanchard

"Be irreplaceable!" – Alex Hormozi

2. Several questions I am still asking myself:

What does excellence look like in everything I do today?

Are my emotions working for me or against me?

What can I do today to create the most time in my future?

What does my future self look like in one year and five years?

3. My top books from 2022:

Man's Search for Meaning - Viktor E Frankl

The Gap and The Gain - Dr Benjamin Hardy and Dan Sullivan

The Gift of Imperfection - Brené Brown

I Can See Clearly Now - Dr Wayne Dyer

Nature Wants Us to be Fat - Richard J Johnson

Change Your Brain, Change Your Life – Daniel G Amen

4. My best highlights of the year

Teaching Making Money Work Personal Finance training to the Tumbler Ridge Secondary School students and Conuma employees – February to June 2022

Publishing our first Conuma Resources Sustainability Report – March 2022

Meeting Leanne, falling in love and building an awesome and adventure-filled life together – March 2022 and going strong

Being intimately involved in our Conuma Leadership Program, where we trained over 150 leaders throughout 2022

Running the BMO half-marathon in under two hours – May 2022

Seeing Conuma grow and mature on its Sustainability journey throughout 2022, thanks to the efforts of Conuma team members leading the way and charting new territory on many fronts

Surprising my Brother-in-law in Brisbane for his 70th birthday – October 2022

Moving into 127 Hugh Street – November 2022

Conuma agreeing with Teck Resources to purchase the Quintette Mine – December 2022

5. Thank you, 2022 and my wish for you in 2023

One of the benefits of having compiled fifty-plus seven-bullet Mondays in 2022 is that I got to go back over every week and recollect all the incredible things that happened throughout the year; the adventures, the wins, the struggles and the learnings. All of that fills me with deep gratitude for the people and opportunities that have come my way.

I am very excited about all that lies before us in 2023. It will undoubtedly be a year of many opportunities and a host of challenges. In 12 months, whether we count 2023 as a success or struggle is going to come down to us; how we embrace what comes our way, the attitude we have, the opportunities we seize and the disciplines we employ in pursuit of dreams and goals. # You'veGotThis

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