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Five-Bullet Monday - August 30, 2021

Here is your Five-Bullet Monday, sent from Northern Queensland, Australia

Two quotes I am pondering:

"Rule number one is, don't sweat the small stuff. Rule number two is, it's all small stuff." — Robert Eliot

"The time to relax is when you don't have time for it." – Sydney J. Harris

Stress is very effective at robbing us of our peace and joy. In high-pressure times, we often feel overwhelmed, and then the hour or day passes, and we look back and wonder why we were so stressed. What causes us great stress is often insignificant when we take a big picture approach. In those peak-stress moments, we need to take some deep belly breaths and tell ourselves to relax as "this too shall pass."

A question I am asking myself:

What is the one thing that I can do today that will help me most in the future?

This question is a "lift your eyes and look at the horizon" moment rather than just looking three steps ahead as we rush through our days. If we took a few minutes to do something that builds or helps our future each day, that would ensure we keep moving towards our longer-term goals. Why not put up some quarterly or monthly goals on the wall next to your computer, so you can remind yourself frequently of where you are going and avoid the trap of daily busyness that achieves little longer-term value.

A book I am reading:

Evolve Your Brain: The Science of Changing Your Mind – Joe Dispenza

In this book Joe Dispenza gives a comprehensive overview of our incredible brains, explaining how each part functions separately and as an integrated whole. He outlines how thoughts can create chemical reactions resulting in a wide range of emotions and wants. He also explains how to reprogram and evolve our brains to take on new, positive, and beneficial habits. It's undoubtedly the best book I have listened to on the workings of our brains and minds. It's a long book (18 hours at 1.0 times speed on Audio), but if the subject interests you, it is well worth a read/listen.

My favorite podcasts this week:

The Daren Olien Show #107 – Candles: Indoor pollutants

If you love burning scented candles in your home, you should have a listen to this podcast. Daren Olien breaks down the elements of what makes the bulk of scented candles, and it is quite a scary mix of pollutants and heavy metals, even if in trace elements. The next time I buy a scented candle, I am going to take a very close look at what's gone into making the candle

Tim Ferris Show #529. With Therapist Dr. Sue Johnson on love and relationships

In this podcast, the world-renowned Sue Johnson talks about building comfort and trust in relationships. She shares some beautiful insights and tips on relationship building and finding comfort in the arms of another.


Make sure you keep a readily accessible Emergency Fund

When COVID struck last year, it decimated the income of hundreds of millions of people worldwide. One thing it did do was drive home the need for us all to keep Emergency Funds because you never know when financial disaster can strike, whether through loss of income or unexpected, huge expenses.

The standard recommendation is to keep a minimum of six months' living costs in an accessible short-term deposit account. It won't give you the best financial return because you need to keep it liquid, but it will give you peace of mind, just like insurance. You may not be able to get to six months quickly, but at least make a determined start and build it up.

Some people might be tempted to think of their credit card or home equity loan as emergency finance, but I would not recommend that at all. Why? Because using that source during financial hardship will incur more debt that you will have to pay in the future. That's is only going to double your already high-stress levels.

My highlights from the prior week

Campervanning up the Queensland coast with my daughter

As I write this, we are five days into our trip, traveling up from Brisbane to Cooktown and back (around 5,000 km in total). It's been a wonderful relaxing trip, fun, and adventure-filled days as we explore Australia's beautiful east coast. It's my first genuine holiday since joining my Company in 2017 and the first time I have relaxed away from work.

My challenge to you for this week

Encourage as many people as you can this week

Someone once asked Truet Cathy how we could know when someone needed encouragement. Cathy's response was, "If they are breathing, they need encouragement." Surrounding us at home, at work, and in our social circles are people that need encouragement. Just think back to when you were struggling or trying to do something new, and someone encouraged you, how uplifting that was. Why not do that for some people (including family members) this week – it's guaranteed to be one of the highlights of their weeks.

Have a great week

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