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Tumbler Ridge Secondary School Students Complete Making Money Work Class of 2022

Students from Tumbler Ridge Secondary School recently finished the seven-week Making Money Work course facilitated by Conuma Resources. Making Money Work is an introductory course to functional personal finance, including such important topics as living within your means, budgeting, wealth accumulation, various avenues and methods of investing, taxation, insurance and retirement.

The students, ranging from grade 10 to 12, were enthusiastic participants, watching all the training videos provided, and peppering Hugh Kendrick with questions in the weekly live sessions. At last week’s course graduation, students received weekly reminder pictograms and personal finance books to continue their learning. Sherri-Lynn Hewitt, the School’s Career Coordinator, noted, “Our students enjoyed and benefited from the training, and they will no doubt be encouraging many more to join the next course.” Hugh Kendrick said, “The students energy and commitment throughout the course was outstanding, and to see them now equipped with practical personal finance skills at such young ages was reward in itself.”

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