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Seven-Bullet Monday - October 30, 2023

Here is your Seven-Bullet Monday

1. A quote I am pondering:

"When you put outcome over ego, you get better results." - Robin Sharma

To make genuine progress, we must be willing to set aside our ego. By keeping our eyes fixed on the end goal rather than seeking the spotlight, we build a team environment where excellence naturally flourishes. Authentic leaders also understand that the essence of accomplishment isn't about who gets the credit but what is achieved collectively.

2. A question I am asking myself:

How can I achieve my F45 challenge results?

Every few months, F45s worldwide run challenges where you target specific health and fitness goals over six to eight weeks. I aim to lose 2% of body fat, gain 2lb of muscle and abstain from sugar (candy, pop, chocolate and desserts) six days a week. I will let you know in six weeks how it went.

3. A book I am reading:

The Lego Story: How a Little Toy Sparked the World's Imagination - Jens Andersen

The Lego Story tells the fascinating journey of how a humble toy brick became a global phenomenon. It all started in the small town of Billund, Denmark, 75 years ago, when Ole Kirk Christiansen evolved from crafting wooden toys to developing the interlocking brick system known today. The book captures the challenges, innovations, and critical moments that built the LEGO brand. I also enjoyed learning how the versatility and simplicity of the bricks allowed imaginations to run with kids and adults alike, making millions of unique creations.

4. What I learnt this week

That lobbying for fairer carbon taxation can pay off

In BC, Canada, we have the highest carbon taxes in North America. In July, regulators published proposed terms for a new Output Based Pricing System (OBPS) to start in April next year, resulting in an even higher carbon tax burden. Since July, there has been a considerable effort on behalf of industry, particularly mining, to lobby for a more reasonable level of OBPS. Convincing evidence was presented as part of the lobbying, showing the impacts the legislation would have on the cost competitiveness of the BC Industry. On Friday, the regulators presented to industry representatives some proposed changes to the OBPS, which are lower than the previous proposal. This validated the wide-based lobbying that we undertook, and the regulators, to their credit, did listen and respond favourably to the feedback.

5. My highlight this week

Attending and speaking at the 2023 Canadian Coal Conference

I attended the 2023 Canadian Coal Conference in Vancouver this week. It had the best attendance in many years and proved worthwhile on many fronts, particularly affirmation that steelmaking coal has a long runway ahead. This is because zero-carbon steel (or green steel as it is called in some sectors) is decades away from usurping blast furnace production, particularly in Asia, where the bulk of the world's steel is made. I also spoke to over 100 delegates on Conuma's Sustainability Story, which was well received.

6. Hugh-tips

Investing in stocks gives you the roller coaster experience

North American stocks are now 10 to 15% off their mid-2023 highs. And, with their net worth dipping sharply, many investors wonder how much more is to come. Riding a roller coaster is an excellent metaphor for stock market investing, with prices going up and down all around, resulting in an emotional ride. So, as you choose carefully when to exit a roller coaster, you should think twice about unbuckling your seat harness when the market is screaming downhill. On average, the market has gained 10% annually over the last 90 years, but there have been many ups and downs. Over the long run, investors who tend to hold onto their investments achieve those gains, not those who overreact and buy and sell on market sentiment. As someone said, the stock market is a mechanism for transferring wealth from the impatient to the patient, so take your time making your decisions, no matter how fast the market seems to be moving.

7. My challenge for you this week

Commit to remaining active as the Fall weather sets in

With the Fall weather here in North America, outdoor exercise levels naturally decline. My challenge to you this year is to break that trend, embrace the cold weather, dress appropriately and get out there for a walk, hike or run. It might be hard to get out of the front door to start, but when you return, you will be pleased you made the effort. Also, if ultra-cold weather does not permit outdoor exercise, increase your indoor activity to keep up that calorie burn.

Have a fantastic week.

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