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Seven-Bullet Monday - May 22, 2023

Here is your Seven-Bullet Monday

1. A quote I am pondering:

"The only limit to your impact is your imagination and commitment." - Tony Robbins

This quote highlights the importance of creative thinking and determination in bringing about change. Essentially, it motivates us to dream big and keep going hard until we achieve that dream.

2. A question I am asking myself:

How do I lower my ego in all areas of my life?

In his book, "Ego is the Enemy", Ryan Holiday said that, just like we need to clean our homes regularly, we must periodically rein in our ego. Unchecked, ego can slow our learning and growth, preventing us from acknowledging our faults and weaknesses. We can also be humble in some areas and have an ego in others, so for me, I need to make sure I am working on every place where my ego appears.

3. A book I am reading:

Never Finished: Unshackle Your Mind and Win the War Within - David Goggins

David Goggins' first book, "Can't Hurt Me", was compelling, so I was pleased to find that his second book, "Never Finished", was even better! The book chronicles how he completes several more crazy endurance events, like finishing the Moab 240 Mile Endurance Run in 62 hours (Hey, why not run nine marathons straight with 9 km ascent in only three days?). The book includes many tips and strategies, and it was great to see that he qualified as a smoke-jumper firefighter in Fort St John, which is close to our mining operations in Northeast British Columbia.

4. What I learnt this week

How some of our major suppliers are accelerating their sustainability journeys

We visited several major suppliers last week to better understand their sustainability journeys, successes and challenges. As business partners, we can learn from each other in sustainability by benchmarking best practices, such as employee and community engagement, energy efficiency measures, reducing carbon intensity, and waste reduction strategies. We came away with several ideas for our business and plans to collaborate further in some areas.

5. The highlight of my week

Hiking up to Whyte Lake above West Vancouver

Leanne and I, with our bernedoodle, Maeve, hiked up to Whyte Lake over the weekend. I had meant to do the hike for several years but had never gotten around to it, and now I realize what I was missing. The walk through the quiet, majestic rainforest, past the gurgling streams and little waterfalls, was simply perfect. I also took a dip in the lake, which was the ideal temperature, and persuaded Maeve to jump in with me. The cutest thing was Maeve swimming and drinking the cool water simultaneously.

6. Hugh-bits

Watch the movie Air: A Story of Greatness

Air is the insightful story of a struggling basketball shoe marketer at Nike (played by Matt Damon) persuading Nike's CEO and founder (played by Ben Affleck) and a 21-year-old rookie, Michael Jordan, to start the brand, Air Jordan. The deal was revolutionary in many ways, and the movie nicely lays out how all the ideas, struggles, boldness and risk-taking came together to launch one of the most profitable sports partnership brands of all time.

7. My challenge for you for this week

Practice cutting out the "umms" when you speak

An excellent way to eliminate "umms" when speaking is to practice mindful pauses, giving yourself time to gather your thoughts instead of filling the silence with filler words. Regular practice through speaking in public or at meetings can help. You can also try recording yourself and listening to your speech on apps like voice memo, which can help you identify and reduce filler words like "umm." The key is not to be afraid of silence for a second or two – they might seem long to you, but to the listener, it often feels like you are deliberately being silent so your last point can sink in.

Have a fantastic week.

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