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Seven-Bullet Monday - May 2, 2022

Here is your Seven-Bullet Monday

1. A quote I am pondering:

"Comparison is the thief of joy." - Theodore Roosevelt

We know we are not supposed to compare ourselves with the Jones, but we still land up doing it, and it may not be a money thing either. It could be comparing ourselves with others in terms of their looks, job, career progression, social life, or sporting abilities. Instead, it is much healthier to compare ourselves with our past selves and set targets for our future selves beyond our current selves. I heard one person say that if they don't feel embarrassed about what they were like one year ago, they are not evolving fast enough. Now there’s a challenge!

2. A question I am asking myself:

How do I add to my circle of friends, people who inspire and challenge me?

Jim Rohn said, “We become the average of the five people we spend the most time with”. In that case, I want to find inspiring people who can become true friends and challenge me to become more and do more. For them to want to spend time with me, I also need to make sure that I provide some value in return, which means I need to step up my game as far as friendship goes.

3. A book I am reading:

Breath - The New Science of a Lost Art - James Nestor

I found this book fascinating, and it opened my mind to the power of breathing correctly. I learned from the book that making even slight adjustments to how we inhale and exhale can help our athletic performance and internal organs. It can stop snoring, help asthma, and even straighten spines.

4. My favourite podcast this week:

Soul Music – Toto's Africa

I discovered this podcast series this week, and it was fascinating. It takes many of the famous pop songs, folk songs and hymns, explains the songs’ genesis, and talks about the followings and movements that the songs have spurned. Check it out for your favourite songs, and you are bound to learn more about the song and develop an even greater appreciation.

5. Hugh-Tips

During market turbulence, it pays to invest in high-quality companies

Warren Buffet advised us not to buy a company stock unless we were willing to hold it for at least ten years. That is the value investor standard at the core. It is not buying a piece of paper based on market hype, speculation that it might rise quickly, or someone giving you a hot tip. It is researching the public companies you want to hold for a long time because they are quality businesses, have strong moats, excellent management, long-term growth potential, and are not over-priced. As an aspiring value investor, it's been said many times before, and I will repeat, "Buy great companies, don't overpay and do nothing."

6. My highlight this last week

I had two highlights worth sharing this week

1. A weekend away with my men's mastermind group

Last weekend I headed off to Vernon with a couple of guys from my Mastermind group. We had no specific plan except to get to know one another better. It was an unforgettable weekend, with some rather interesting golf, an incredible hike on the Kettle Valley Railway trail, several great meals, some friendly competitions, deepened friendships and greater appreciation for each other.

2. Running the BMO half-marathon

The BMO was my first half-marathon race, and what an incredible occasion it was. Running alongside thousands of people, spectators cheering you on from the side, feeling the crowd's buzz, getting to the finishing line and my legs cheerfully pounding away for 20,000 strides. I made it a squeak under two hours, which wasn't too bad, considering very late and rather shoddy preparation. I did at least remember to carb-load, nailing two desserts on Saturday evening 😊.

7. My challenge to you for this week

Practice your dance moves!

I had somewhat dulled my dancing moves as a rather boring and strait-laced bean counter for two-thirds of my life until I rediscovered them about a year back. I hadn't realised how much fun it was and how combining music and movement is so uplifting for the soul. You may already be a home dance specialist or regularly hit the dance floors, but I dare you to get some of the moves on if you don't. Find your pick-me-up boogie song, turn up the volume and dance. It is very liberating and not to mention great exercise.

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