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Seven-Bullet Monday - February 28, 2022

Here is your Seven-Bullet Monday

1. A quote I am pondering:

"If you get tired, learn to rest, not to quit." - Bansky

We all get tired and discouraged from time to time, especially when we face repeated headwinds in our personal or work quests. In these times, Bansky's words motivate us to not give up, but instead rest a little, and then go again.

2. A question I am asking myself:

What do I need to change diet-wise to super-charge my body?

I have read several books over the last six months on the diet and the body. These have helped me make a few modifications, but now I am researching what else I should and shouldn't be eating and drinking. I figure that sharpening my food intake could give me a >10% improvement in my overall energy, cognitive strength and emotional balance, not to mention disease-fighting ability and longevity.

3. A book I am reading:

Life Force - How New Breakthroughs in Precision Medicine Can Transform the Quality of Your Life & Those You Love – Tony Robbins, Peter Diamandis and Robert Hariri

In this book, Tony Robbins teams up with Peter Diamandis (author of "The Future is Faster Than You Think") and Robert Hariri (Author of "Sapiens" and "Homo Deus") to cover many of the incredible health advances changing the medical world right now. The book is long - just short of 23 hours - and has a lot of Robbins punting his various health businesses. However, that should not take away from the array of encouraging medical advances covered in the book, as well as excellent practical advice for what we can do right now to improve our health and life-expectancy.

4. My favourite podcast this week:

Tim Ferris Show #574 – with Arnold Schwarzenegger

While this podcast is a rerun from a couple of years ago, I still enjoyed hearing its insights into Arnie's journey from a son of a poor Austrian farmer, to Mr Universe, to Hollywood star to California Governor and beyond. I admit I love Arnie, even if his personal life has been a mess at times. His work ethic, application and ability to reinvent himself multiple times are what I admire the most.

5. Hugh-Tips

Make sure you take advantage of all the investing tax benefits you can

For many of us, investing seems like a mountain to climb, let alone trying to fine-tune our investing plans by understanding and adapting to the tax rules and incentives in place. With top marginal tax rates now over 50% and capital gains tax at half that, not having the right tax strategies in place could hurt your retirement cash flow. The tax rules are not necessarily that complicated, but the proper application at the right time and setting up now for success can pay huge dividends down the line. It is not for me to offer specific tax advice because everyone's tax position is different. Instead, my advice is to find a Fiduciary (i.e., one you pay by the hour, not someone investing your money for you) Financial Advisor or Personal Tax Advisor. They will look over your current and projected tax status and give you their expert recommendations. It won't be cheap, but the payback down the line could be ten times or more what you pay right now.

6. My highlight this last week

Connecting with 20 plus Conuma site-based managers this week

This week, I was up in Tumbler Ridge for our managers' first in-person leadership development day. The Conuma and Flip Learning teams did a tremendous job planning and delivering a compelling content mix. The participants reflected the significant benefits of the program in their end-of-day feedback, and I know the impact of the program will stretch well beyond. The day also generated some great networking opportunities and increased bonding between the managers from different sites.

7. My challenge to you for this week

Don't waste any time you can spend sleeping

My short advice this week is to get more sleep. The philosophy of "I'll sleep when I'm dead" has been destroyed by science, which instead has proven that generous sleep gives us much healthier and longer lives. What you achieve each day will be amplified by more sleep, not diminished. You will work faster, make fewer mistakes, your thinking will be sharper, and your emotions will be more stable. Sleep is literally the best medicine on the planet, and it's free.

Have a productive week

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