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Seven-Bullet Monday - August 28, 2023

Here is your Seven-Bullet Monday

1. A quote I am pondering:

"You're more likely to unlock a big leap in performance by trying differently than by trying harder." - James Clear

This is excellent advice from the author of Atomic Habits. If you are struggling to get to the next level or to find a breakthrough, instead of just trying harder, take some time to think and explore how you might do it differently, even if it feels unnatural or uncomfortable. That element could get you the big leap you’ve been looking for.

2. A question I am asking myself:

How can I be more situationally aware?

Sometimes, I want to kick myself for going through a situation in a blinkered fashion, missing opportunities or problems, which I could have seen if I had been more aware. The initialism I am using to keep a check on myself is SLAPO, which stands for Stop, Look, Assess, Problems, Opportunities.

3. A book I am reading:

Everybody Matters: The Extraordinary Power of Caring for Your People - Rob Chapman & Raj Sisodia

In this book, Rob Chapman talks through his evolution from an uncaring business owner and executive to a role model for a people-first approach to business. In the book, he emphasises the importance of viewing employees as valued community members rather than mere numbers, and through genuinely caring for employees, companies can transform their culture, boost productivity, and contribute to broader societal well-being.

4. What I learnt this week

The difference between dark matter and dark energy

Both dark matter and dark energy have been puzzling scientists over the last 100 years. They are integral to our universe yet are complex, intangible, and difficult to measure. In language, I can understand dark matter doesn't emit or absorb light but has serious gravity that holds galaxies together. Dark energy is almost the opposite, pushing the universe to expand at an accelerating rate.

5. The highlight of my week

Getting our first electric car

Leanne and I are now the proud owners of an Audi e-tron 55. With gasoline prices now consistently over $2.00 a litre, it will be a joy to cruise past all the service stations and instead fill up at home on much cheaper BC Hydro electricity. The days of $1,000 services are also gone, thanks to regenerative brakes and far fewer moving parts in the car.

6. Hugh-tips

“Invest for the long haul. Don’t get too greedy, and don’t get too scared.”

Thanks to Shelby Davis for providing the headline quote this week. It is simple investing advice around staying centred on investing and keeping our emotions in check. It is never wise to measure your total investing performance too frequently because the market continually fluctuates. A stock that is a winner this week could become next week’s loser and vice versa. Always remember that the market is a voting machine in the short term, while it’s a weighing machine in the long term. So, look past the popular vote, whether bullish or bearish and consider how your investment will weigh up in the long term.

7. My challenge for you for this week

Declutter one room in your home

Cluttered rooms can be a downer, especially when left for a long time. So why not make one messy room look nice, sparkly clear, and clean this week? If unsure whether to keep or eliminate stuff, ask the Maria Kondo question, “Does this spark joy?”. If it doesn’t, put it into a donate, recycle or trash bag, organise the other items, streamline electronics and organise any visible cords. Finally, give everything a good wipe down, and there you’re done.

Have a fantastic week.

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