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Five-Bullet Monday - November 8, 2021

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Here is your Five-Bullet Monday

A quote I am pondering:

"To stay ahead, you must have your next idea waiting in the wings." Rosabeth Moss Kanter

You have probably heard of the phrase, "the big eat the small", and it has become "the fast eat the slow" in recent times. Each of us needs to have a self-starter mindset of continually moving forward because standing still is going backwards, especially in today's fast-moving world. Challenge yourself to think just a little bit further down the road and start to formulate your ideas so you can be that one step ahead of others around you.

A question I am asking myself:

What is my greatest challenge, and what am I doing about it?

The greatest challenge facing us is often the very same doorway that presents a breakthrough to the next stage of our lives, whether at work, in our finances, relationships, or in our health and fitness. If you are anything like me, you might be skirting the challenge or procrastinating starting it in some way. That's where we should give ourselves the little pep talk, do a three-two-one countdown and then tackle that challenge boldly and with energy.

A book I am reading:

Saving Us: A Climate Scientist's Case for Hope and Healing in a Divided World - Katherine Hayhoe

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and the positive way in which Katherine tackles climate change. She has been a great reconciler between the two camps on climate change, and she has done it by finding common core values with people and then building climate awareness from there. She also presents the broad array of renewable power generation installations worldwide and the positive impact these are having.

My favourite podcast this week:

Ideas – Laughing Matters. The Science of Laugher

I found this podcast very interesting, not just because it illustrates how certain animals laugh (and yes, rats laugh too 😊), but it also delves into the evolution of laughter in humans. You will also learn how the psychology of humour and laughter works within each of us.


Get your head around cryptocurrencies, blockchain and NFTs (non-fungible tokens)

Whether you're a crypto-enthusiast, a crypto-sceptic or crypto-confused, crypto and blockchain are undoubtedly playing a more significant part in our lives than ever before, and this trend will only increase. So, crypto is coming, and we can't avoid it. We may as well get our heads around it and, at a minimum, understand how it all works. I sit more in the crypto-enthusiast circle and have a reasonable percentage of my investments in Bitcoin and Ethereum. I'm in it for the long run, so I see this as a minimum ten-year investment – that way, I can ignore the crazy fluctuations that happen every day and stop myself going from euphoria to despair the next. Importantly, just because crypto is incredibly volatile, it does not mean it isn't here for the long haul. The truth is that it is still finding its place in our monetary, political and investment worlds, and it will take many more years, maybe even decades, until that gets settled and relative stability is reached. There is a load of excellent online education material out there on blockchain, crypto and NFTs, and I think it will be well worth you investing some time in that.

My highlight this last week

Playing music again

After not playing music for nearly two decades, I picked up my old guitar again last week, and I just got a second-hand synthesizer, which I have also started playing. There is something about playing and creating music that is good for the soul, and I am keen to explore that again. I also need a lot of practice, so my music at least becomes tolerable for those unfortunate enough to be within hearing range.

My challenge to you for this week

Give yourself some time first thing in the morning

You may be one of those people who, immediately upon waking up, check their phone, respond to emails, messages, or social media before doing anything else. In that case, I encourage you this week to start your day differently. Leave that phone on the bedside table, and spend a little time on yourself, whether that is journaling (something I highly recommend), meditating, praying, reflecting, or just being thankful for all the fantastic people and beautiful things that make up your life. I think you will see your mood improve just from being present in the moment each morning, and it will hopefully leave you feeling more motivated and positive as you head out into your workday.

Have a wonderful week

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