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Five-Bullet Monday - June 21st

Here is this week's Five-Bullet Monday

A quote I am pondering:

"To ensure good health: eat lightly, breathe deeply, live moderately, cultivate cheerfulness and maintain an interest in life." – William Londen

This is a beautiful quote for daily living. It's about approaching each day with lightness, gratitude, curiosity and grace. That has to be a more enjoyable approach to life than a grind-it-out and survive mentality.

A question I am asking myself:

What asset allocation should I be looking at for my investment portfolio?

When it comes to building your investment portfolio for your retirement, asset allocation is undoubtedly the most critical decision to make. It will drive the success or failure of your investment plan more than any other decision. Too few people focus on rebalancing their portfolio and instead only concentrate on what shares or bonds to buy. The one sure thing we cannot predict is which way inflation or the markets will go. So we need to set up personal portfolios that can succeed in all economic climates. As Ray Dalio puts it, we should have an "all-weather fund" that protects and grows our life savings under all economic conditions.

A book I am reading:

Mid-Course Correction Revisited: The Story and Legacy of a Radical Industrialist and his Quest for Authentic Change – Ray Anderson and John Lanier

I am loving this book, which is a classic in the sustainability field. It is the biography of Ray Anderson, who was the founder of Interface Inc., one of the world's largest carpet and flooring companies. In 1994 he had a eureka moment about the damage his company was doing to the environment. Since then, Interface has steadily transformed itself into a role model for sustainable business, ultimately aiming to have a net-positive environmental impact. Anderson was a pioneer in bringing ESG and climate-impact accountability to the table for American and global businesses. There are many lessons from the Interface story that we can apply at Conuma Resources.

My favourite podcast this week:

Impact Theory - Richard Montañez - From Janitor to Inventing the Multi-Billion Dollar "Flamin' Hot Cheetos" Empire

Just listening to Richard Montanez speak, you realize how humble and down-to-earth he is. Starting as an unskilled janitor, he did every job to the utmost of his ability, from cleaning floors to trialling spicy chip sauces at home with his wife. His is a heart-warming rag to riches story, and I already have his book queued on Audible, ready to play.

P.S. The ads on this podcast can be annoying, so I always skip the first couple of minutes, which are all ads, and again in the middle ad break. The Spotify 15 second skip button is a marvellous tool for dodging excessive advertising.

My highlights from the prior week

Morning Pages and getting my Q3 Goals done

I don't know if any readers have tried out Morning Pages journaling (see my email of June 7), but they have been a gem this week, capturing new ideas daily and all before 7 am. I was also happy to get my Q3 goals completed this week. They will soon go up on the wall in place of the Q2 goals. That way, I look at them every day because they are right next to my computer.

My challenge to you for this week

How is your grocery shopping?

"If the cookies don't get into the grocery cart, they don't get home. And if they don't get home, they don't get in my mouth. And if they don't get in my mouth, they don't transform into belly fat." ― M.J. DeMarco

What M.J. DeMarco says is so true. For me, once the sugar in the form of candy, cookies, chocolate, pop etc., get into my kitchen, the battle of wills is on. I can go several days being strong and taking one here, one there, and then, one sad day ☹, my will dissolves. In a flash, the bags are empty, and the calories are doing their thing inside my body. I feel yuk, and I am berating myself, but it is too late. Does anyone relate? Now, if I had to drive to the supermarket and buy that delicious goodness before I could consume it – well, that's harder, and I may decide that a strawberry or raspberry will suffice.

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