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Hugh Kendrick

Helping you grow your personal wealth through better thinking, controlled spending and smart investing.

Challenging and encouraging you to become your best self, no matter your age, your location or your means.



A Quick Introduction

Hello Reader - welcome to my personal website!

I am a former Chief Financial Officer, with 35 years of wide-reaching experience and senior business leadership roles in mining and other industries across three continents.

I have developed a powerful personal finance training program called Making Money Work, which will supercharge your approach to money management, whether your age is 15 or 50.


I am an active blogger, mostly through my Seven-Bullet Mondays and Hugh-Tips, as well as a personal mentor and coach, helping leaders in their personal development.

In 2022 I started a new role as Chief Sustainability Officer, setting out to build the long-term sustainability of the business across the Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) fronts.

This website shares my blogs and my training programs in personal financial management and personal and leadership development. 

I hope you find them helpful, and I look forward to connecting.

Hugh Kendrick


My Blogs


Making Money Work Testimonials


Hugh's delivery was engaging and the content extremely relevant and true to life. Much of the information Hugh shared, I had never been taught before.


I am thankful for the opportunity to attend as I can now use this information in my financial life going forward!

- A.M.


Thanks, Hugh for the amazing series “Making Money Work”. What I liked most was those complex concepts were explained simply, with productive discussion and interactive polls.


I wish I had understood these concepts a little earlier and that would have helped me in changing my mindset.

- A.H.


It was an amazing experience that I will take forward into my adult years. I am very pleased that I was invited to this course. 

- M.S.

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Hugh Kendrick

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